Who we are

My name is Adri Mostert and I am the founder of Holland MTB Tours. The concept of Holland MTB Tours was conceived through my passion for mountainbiking, nature exploring and traveling. I want to share this passion!

The goal of Holland MTB Tours is to allow you to experience the beautiful nature and culture first hand through mountainbiking.

My Favorite country: Italy, Italy is an understanding of quality of live, joy, and beauty, I would like to show you the most beautiful places!

But all countries have their beauties, even in Holland is mountainbiking a lot of fun! Hope to see you soon .....

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C0-partner Pieter Klaver: I have practiced many sports myself, but I think that mountainbiking has many advantages compared to other sports. Mountainbiking is moving in nature with minimum strain on the joints. This makes mountainbiking a less sensitive sports for injury and suitable for almost anyone. I am a qualified mountainbike instructor and owner of MTB- sportief. This company specializes in giving clinics and training.
We work with a steady team of tour guides, who share Holland MTB Tours’ love for mountain biking and Dutch nature and culture. We also have a working relationship with MTB-sportief